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Erin  Cruz is a mother and widow of internationally renowned scientist, Rene Cruz, PhD. Erin is a native Californian, born and raised. She is Author of the political and business communication book, Revolution America, Producer and Host of The Erin Cruz Show.

Mrs. Cruz is a Tea Party Republican and Constitutional Conservative with the ability to transcend traditional Party Lines. 

Mrs.  Cruz believes Government has grossly overstepped its bounds. She sees Less Tax, Less Regulation, Less Government the only true way for our nation to get back on track, second only to putting God back in schools and restoring strong family values that are lacking across the nation.  

Erin says often, the  Founding Fathers had it right, the Declaration of Independence, U.S.  Constitution, and Bill of Rights secure our unalienable rights as given  by God.

Through her activism, and being a writer, authoring political books for learning, she would like to see conservatism restored and believes now is our time to come together, to restore order, to crush corruption and Make California Golden Again.

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