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Erin Cruz

Additional Information on Erin Cruz

Mrs. Cruz is a mother of two and  the young widow of internationally renowned scientist, Professor Rene L.  Cruz who passed away from pancreatic cancer. Erin has many interests;   she is a hobbyist baker and photographer; her largest accomplishment has  been mastering lifestyle fitness and well-being. She is a lifetime  writer, an organic motivator, a fierce online personality with a passion  and drive for both the nation and political activism.

Erin Cruz has experience from  the private sector, and has a solid stretch in academia. She has skills  in business administration, payroll, human resources and international  relations. 

Mrs. Cruz has dedicated the last decade to bring the conversation  of American Nationalism to the forefront. Most recently, Mrs. Cruz ran for the United States Senate against Senator Dianne Feinstein, interjecting vitality into the Republican Party and uniting people within the State of California on wide scale. Mrs. Cruz garnered strong support state wide, traveling and speaking to both large and small crowds about the conservative cause and the need for rEvolution in America.

Erin is author of Revolution America: Communication Toolbox for the Modern Conservative American Woman. Erin  encourages political and social interaction among conservative women  using new ways of thinking and approaching political issues.  By  providing examples and tools as well as valuable skill sets for women  and men alike, the book presents fresh ways to look at current events in  a focused format.  Her hope is that many read her book and gain knowledge about themselves and others. Erin says, " a result of reading Revolution America, you should  develop a balanced view of important political topics not usually found  in the world media allowing for more productive interactions and impact  within your family and community."

Erin  possesses the keen ability to touch and inspire each individual  personally.  As a speaker, public figure and influencer, Erin addresses subjects spanning from politics to women’s issues,  health issues, surviving cancer, caregivers, and surviving a loss. Cruz  also address topics such as victim survival, wellness and  health/life connections. It goes without saying, Erin Cruz is always ready to the task to discuss any topic of importance pertinent to our humanity, especially political subjects -- in a way which unites, not divides us as a people. 

Unity is the key to solving many of the issues globally and within our nation.