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Guidelines & Abreviated Terms For Publication

We are glad you are submitting an article for publication!

If you like to research news and have something to share you are in the right spot! Fake News and Bought Media isn't serving the people. We must get to work and start helping each other get accurate information and weed through the FAKE NEWS and share REAL NEWS! This sign up is to provide accurate news and timely information to other patriots.

This is an activist and patriot driven resource. All information is submitted by original creators like you, and if approved, we will post to with credit to the content provider. Editing may be done post submission at the editor's discretion to ensure proper grammar or other necessary changes to ready the piece for publication. You will not be notified of publication. 

**All news story submissions MUST follow the guidelines below:**

* Original Content, must not be submitted elsewhere, in print or online.

* Free of Plagiarism 

* Titles must be direct, appropriate, not misleading 

* First AND last paragraph must include several words from the title

 * _Minimum 200 words, Maximum 400 words_

* Be accurate, factual in nature

* Have LIVE links inserted for all facts discussed

* We want minimum of FIVE (5) Sources per each subject matter/submission

* Subject line of your email submission should read: #CruzNewsStory

* Photo for story: **All** photos must include _original source/credit_.

* Photos without credits will be left out of the publication, no exceptions.

* Provide your Twitter or Facebook information, we may "tag" you on your published story.

* Submit your content in the body of an email to _theerincruzshow@gmail.com_

* Do NOT submit your content with an attachment, they will be denied

* You CAN submit your content with submission form which can be found on our website: If you choose this option and want to include a cover photo and head shot/profile photo for your author page, please email Photos to

Thank you!